To streamline its conversations and collaborations, Dropbox redesigns its web interface

To streamline its conversations and collaborations, Dropbox redesigns its web interface
The Siliconreview
12 April, 2017

American company Dropbox in a move to streamline its cloud storage service recently proclaimed a redesign. The all new design to its Web interface is been made to make it easier for users to share the files and documents, also give feedback and to keep a track of what's changed without having to go back and forth through emails, and more.

The company described that new changes in their blog post, mentioning four key updates aimed to make it easier for users to manage improved and get work done faster. Also, the company has customized the toolbar to present pertinent next steps for what users have selected, apart from adding up a simpler navigation interface.

"When you're working with others, finding the right file is just the beginning," the company says in the blog post.

Particularly, the new addition of a new thumbnail outlook gives users further information at a glance, letting them browse files visually and see who else is collaborating with them on shared files and folders. Some tweaks to search now gives you better results across files and Paper docs. Additionally, the cloud storage company has also made it easier for users to control between work and personal accounts. Search and notifications will now be revealed based on the account you're in.

The all new UI also brings new admin comfort that helps Dropbox Business admins manage their teams. This last feature will be available soon in early access, while the rest of Dropbox's new updates should be evident starting today. Aimed to help users who use Dropbox for work, school or personal, making it easier to collaborate with others, the all new feature also helps users to divide one account from the other.