Adobe to bet big on Experience Cloud for growth purpose

siliconreview Adobe to bet big on Experience Cloud for growth purpose

Stressing that Adobe Experience Cloud symbolizes the major chance for the company, Adobe President and CEO Shantanu Narayan says the tech giant has clearly established itself as a leader in helping companies roll out digital transformation in India and globally with its cloud solutions. The alter in consumer expectations is the main factor that activated improvement and increase for Adobe's digital marketing business and brands across verticals are willingly acceptance its cloud solutions globally, he adds.

"The massive tailwind across the world is that consumer expectations have changed and one of them is that consumers prefer to interact with any company digitally. Mobile as way to interfacing with businesses has become a de-facto standard. Digital is cheaper, faster and it delivers better experience," Narayen told IANS.

Already released earlier this year, Adobe Experience Cloud is a complete set of cloud services intended to provide enterprises the whole thing they need to deliver outstanding customer experience. On innovation, Narayan said India has an edge over other countries and is leapfrogging in some aspects.

"Not only in innovation, India also has a lead when it comes to the cost of transaction. Financial institutions here often say that they are the most efficient in the world. I think it's the nice blend of east and west," Narayan said. 

The CEO said artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is what Adobe is using basically to innovate. Also, the company recently announced innovations in Adobe Sensei -- the intelligence layer in the Adobe Cloud Platform which offers customers a unified AI and machine learning framework and intelligent services.

About India as a market, Adobe's Managing Director, South Asia, Kulmeet Bawa said Indian firms are taking on digital marketing solutions in a big way.

"Indian firms are taking a lead in several areas whether it is mobile or android development. Certain things are very specific to India where we are ahead of other countries and these trends are being adopted in some other parts of the world," Bawa told IANS.

Additionally, the company is also working with a number of prominent brands from verticals counting e-commerce, banking, technology, telecom and retail to allow digital transformation in India. Amusingly, the company's India R&D labs maintain an important share of global novelty. Also with over 5,300 employees extend across four campuses in Noida and Bengaluru, Adobe is making a mark. 

Highlighting more on the planned role Adobe India plays in the overall Adobe scheme of things, Bawa said: "Nearly 30 per cent of Adobe's overall R&D and innovations find its roots in the country. We also have our global services delivery centre based here."