Amazon new touch screen ‘Echo’ comes out with its new ‘video calling’ feature

Amazon new touch screen ‘Echo’ comes out with its new ‘video calling’ feature
The Siliconreview
11 May, 2017

 Amazon’s new product Echo coming out with 7-inch touch screen will be launching soon.

 The Amazon team has been testing the new product from past few months. This new device will support video calling as its new marquee feature in addition to Alexa’s current plethora of “skills” and compatibility with smart home gadgets and popular services. It will also be able to place phone calls in a manner similar to Microsoft’s Skype. The Echo speaker was first introduced in 2014, which is now currently cost around $149, while comparing it with the Echo Tap and Echo Dot devices which are now beneath at lower price points. Amazon has been experimenting with intercom capabilities between the various Echo products in a consumer’s home.

Amazon’s flagships Echo is likely to support its new feature offered by the Echo Look- this is a camera that helps users to make fashion and outfit choices with the assistance of artificial intelligence. This new Echo device without a doubt will see a huge marketing support by Amazon. You can use Echo speaker in every room of your house, but this is going to be the experience’s centerpiece. As Amazon’s tech rivals including Google and Apple try to play catch up at building a voice-controlled speaker “assistant,” the company is already moving on to the next piece of its Alexa strategy.