Google captivates users with yet another ‘Personal’ feature

Google captivates users with yet another ‘Personal’ feature
The Siliconreview
30 May, 2017

Google has always been a source of new technologies, new ideas, new advancements and we cannot neglect but see the easiness it has brought forth to lives of people. And here it is with yet another tech that can in fact change our lives. ‘Google Personal’ is definitely going to be a grant success and is already is. Google already had the features of showing us maps, photos and news along with our search contents. But this ‘personal’ is included in the ‘more’ option which it is included as a ‘personal tab’ where we can review our own content.

Once we are logged in into the Google account, we can directly access the personal tab to get our personal things like the photos which we have uploaded, our data and so on.  The interesting thing about the Google personal is that the data or the information is obtained from the other Google services like Google photos and Google mail.

How the personal is going to help you build life easier? Consider a situation, where you want to search for a place in Google, and see what it can bring! Google can show you the regular lists of relevant links, but at the same time it can take you into a list of items in your agenda that are related to that place, any of your own Google Photos pictures taken there or even it can showcase any mails having the name of that particular place specified in it. Google never stops to fascinate us, isn’t it?