Google has launched Jamboard, a whiteboard to enhance your office suite

Google has launched Jamboard, a whiteboard to enhance your office suite
The Siliconreview
30 May, 2017

The CEO of Google has already stated that it wants Google to write history in being the first full-spectrum Artificial Intelligence platform. It seems to keep up with its words it has recently introduced a plain white board that is enhanced with multi-functionality.

Introducing Google’s Jamboard, a whiteboard that has the dimension of 55-inch digital frame and comes with a pen to write on it and has touch operating system too. It also comes with Nvidia Jetson TX1 processor on board and 4K resolution and comes in three colors- red, grey and blue.

Google has never gone to this road of manufacturing a device that is focused in providing assistance in companies and businesses. But, the company is one of the leading enterprises in software vendors if its reach and G-Suite products are considered. Jamboard has undergone testing including Google clients- Dow Jones, Whirlpool and Pinterest, which implies that Google has something bigger dream with this product or it is just pioneering in a different route. Both ways, Google seems to develop some kind of franchise under its umbrella.

The promo in YouTube shows how widely it is created for office environment- to improve learning and teaching process, to integrate business in it and to take it in a different level, upgrade meetings and conferences, etc.

See it for yourself: