Microsoft added one more wing in Azure IoT flagship

Microsoft added one more wing in Azure IoT flagship
The Siliconreview
12 May, 2017

After Azure IoT Gateway, Microsoft’s new sleeking cloud computing technology is the Azure IoT Edge whose arrival was announced in Seattle.

Microsoft has been working hard to manufacture a device that shall help developers to move few of their computing work that had been put at hold to the device. It can smoothly perform on Windows and Linux, and also on small devices like Raspberry Pi with 128MB of memory only. Apart from these, Microsoft devices that can run this device include – Azure machine Learning, Stream Analytics, Azure Functions, Microsoft’s AI services and the Azure IoT Hub.

“Azure IoT Edge enables IoT devices to run cloud services, process data in near real-time, and communicate with sensors and other devices connected to them, even with intermittent cloud connectivity,”  said Microsoft’s Partner Director for Azure IoT Sam George. “By enabling processing, analytics and action to happen closer to the source of the data, Azure IoT Edge empowers you to make faster and smarter decisions, while reducing bandwidth costs by sending only critical information to the cloud for further analysis.”

All of these devices can be managed from the Azure IoT Hub and developers can avail the device’s proficiency by writing their applications in C, Node.js, Java, Net and Python.