Microsoft and Acer are teaming up for a $399 virtual reality bundle

Microsoft and Acer are teaming up for a $399 virtual reality bundle
The Siliconreview
12 May, 2017

With the new motion controller made by Microsoft, the tech giant is teaming up with Acer in bringing out new technologies in VR. The partnership has brought forth a virtual reality bundle, which involves Acer’s $299 Windows 10-powered virtual reality headset along with the brand new motion controllers which are made to be used in controlling the VR apps and games.

 What would be the technology behind?  Are we all familiar with the Microsoft HoloLens ‘Holographic’ headset? The instrument can track the motion of your head without setting up any camera. Similar technology is deployed in the new motion controllers, as we can move it around without setting up a camera and tracking your location.

As a whole the offer seems interesting at the same time affordable compared to the other existing ones. Similar companies have already introduced similar equipments. A Sony PlayStation VR headset is $399, but you also need to buy the PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move controllers to make it work.  And it may not be that cheap when compared with the Microsoft offer.

Together Microsoft and Acer is about to bring a change in the world of Virtual Reality. But the only concern that exists now is whether the device will go with all the apps and the games apart from the ones which are already listed in the Microsoft’s windows store.  Just like the Nintendo’s Wi-Fi remotes, it can be taken around 6 degrees without the need of being in the premises of the camera, which in fact makes it easy to use.