Steve Ballmer has his own reason of investing in Twitter

Steve Ballmer has his own reason of investing in Twitter
The Siliconreview
31 May, 2017

Taking the stage at Code Conference, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that at current time he owns a large position in the social platform, Twitter. Earlier as reports mentioned Ballmer owned 4 percent of the company, but right now he has declined to state the figure and referred it as a “large percentage.”

“There’s a real opportunity to make that a valuable economic asset,” Ballmer stated making it a point as to his decision of investing money on the social media. It is not unknown that Twitter is going through a tough competition from its core competent. But it is his vision that foresees the potential in the company because it “gives people a chance to communicate directly with the people they want to talk to in the world.”

Ballmer has denied the rumors surfacing around Microsoft trying to acquire Twitter when he was presiding over Microsoft, but he did thought it was possible that both the companies can merge in future. “The business over time will either get sorted through or it will be an appropriately valuable asset for somebody to buy,” he said.

All said, Ballmer also ranged a concern stating that it would be too difficult for Jack Dorsey to thrive as CEO of both companies: “Being a CEO of two things I can’t even imagine.” Probably Ballmer is hinting at something really big which might change the course of Twitter.