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Toyota uses NVIDIA’s Artificial Intelligence technology in self driving cars

siliconreview Toyota uses NVIDIA’s Artificial Intelligence technology in self driving cars

Toyota plans to bring in the NVIDIA’s artificial technology into roads and to people in the near future. The automakers think of employing the advanced features in its self driving cars, a promising technology of the future. The current strategy is to make use of the Nvidia’s Drive PX supercomputers, which is a platform with a robust new processor called Xavier, to power the autonomous driving systems inside its future cars.  And what made automobile company Toyota to make a partnership with Nvidia?

The Drive PX supercomputer can analyze the data coming from the hardware part and can make use of the artificial intelligence features to make the right decisions. It helps the car in understanding and reacting to a particular situation in a truly intelligent manner, as we can conclude it.

Toyota has long been trying to include more technologies for self driving cars and this partnership is expected to bring in a change. It’s also working on tech for regular production cars that could switch between assisting the driver to full autonomy. Toyota’s so-called “guardian angel” would operate silently in the background and could step in and take control of the car to avoid an accident.

The supercomputers use an algorithm based on the artificial intelligence which can be used for enabling the location, as well as for predicting the hazards involved. A cloud based high definition 3-D map is used for the same.

"We're talking about not just development now but the introduction of vehicles into the market, now we have the biggest (automaker) in Japan using our Drive PX platform”, said Danny Shapiro, Nvidia's senior director of automotive.