Uber is making it easier for its users to delete their account

Uber is making it easier for its users to delete their account
The Siliconreview
101 May, 2017

Uber has finally made an easy way for its users to delete their Uber account. This new option will be out in few weeks, this emerges as #DeleteUber. Uber decided on this new feature called DeleteUber after it went through many controversy and scandals.

Earlier, the only way to delete Uber account was to email directly to Uber support. It contained few instructions- written for everyone, and it slightly making too complicated for users to understand. User feels more uncomfortable with this option of emailing, and the reply would definitely create frustration for them.

The new option has opened doors for Uber to try convincing its users to stay, after it facing problems back to back. “The company has now made a deletion program called “Dear John” which gives users the option to delete their Uber accounts from the app. You can also delete any contacts you may have uploaded to the app. Uber will still keep your data for 30 days in case you change your mind or you delete the account by accident”.

Now Uber user can see notifications and updates on the new feature for future reference, this depends on how user will choose, and what kind of specific notification he/she looking for- and how do they receive it. They’ll also be able to find their locatio