Amazon Prime Wardrobe, another perk for Amazon Prime member

siliconreview Amazon Prime Wardrobe, another perk for Amazon Prime member

Amazon is making sure that it leaves no stone unturned by enrolling more and better features and facilities to its prime members. While it is charging the lesser amount possibly for regularly watching videos, movies, downloading songs for its prime and notable members, it has hands down created the most suitable shopping experience for its again, prime members (Who else!).

Amazon has revealed that through its Amazon Prime Wardrobe, which is currently in beta, is going to give its members a whole-unique-extravagant experience in shopping. It has for the first time initiated the ‘Try and Buy’ process where a member can easily pick at least three to five items, and up to 15, from the array of Amazon fashion options like clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories and almost for every generation from kids to adults to fill Prime Wardrobe box. Once the newly designed Amazon Prime Wardrobe box arrives at your doorstep, you can try on the clothes for up to seven days. From the ordered products, you can keep whichever you want to and schedule a free pick-up or drop the re-sealable box with its pre-paid shipping label.

Well, the interesting tale here is that if you keep items from the box that you like it, you will receive 10 percent off everything, or even better if you keep five or more you are up for 20 percent off. Thus, you need to pay only for what you keep minus what you brought and tried. And the shipping is free for members.

The Amazon Prime Wardrobe might be its new selling point, and let’s wait till Amazon reports on how many new prime members have enrolled in align with this facility.