Amazon take out the unlimited cloud storage plan, sets 30TB as upper limit

Amazon take out the unlimited cloud storage plan, sets 30TB as upper limit
The Siliconreview
12 June, 2017

As the tech giant Apple recently cut down the price of its 2TB iCloud storage tier, the e-commerce giant Amazon has axed the unlimited storage plan for its Amazon Cloud Drive storage service. Priced at $60 per year, the plan was made to allow users to stock up as much data in the cloud as they wanted. With the unlimited plan now gone, there are just two storage tiers left - 100GB ($11.99 per year) and 1TB ($59.99 per year). In a way, it can be said that unlimited plan is replaced with the 1TB plan.

In case the user desire for some more storage, they'll have to pay $59.99 for each terabyte. That itself has a top limit of 30TB, which costs $1799.70 per year. Also, the e-commerce giant has by now rationalized its Amazon Cloud Drive website to replicate the changes.

The users, who have already paid for the unlimited plan, their subscription will finish just year after the plan will be activated. The user then will have to mechanically switch to 1TB plan. This is when you have less than 1TB data stored on Amazon Drive. If the user has more than 1TB data stored, they will have to manually want a plan. Amazon will be giving 180 days to the users to desire a new plan, after which some files will be automatically deleted. Also, for the Amazon Prime users, the company is still offering unrestricted photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive.

Google Drive proffers 15GB free of cost, along with 100GB, 1TB, 2TB, 10TB, 20TB and 30TB options at Rs 130, Rs 650, Rs 1,300, Rs 6,500, Rs 13,000 and Rs 19,500 per month respectively. While, on the other hand, OneDrive offers 5GB free of cost, along with 5TB storage with Office 365 subscription at Rs 123 per month.