Android Latest’s Update Fixes Google Pixel’s Awful Phone Freezing Bug

Android Latest’s Update Fixes Google Pixel’s Awful Phone Freezing Bug
The Siliconreview
08 June, 2017

Google’s Pixel remains one of the most interesting Android phones on the market. As the first phone designed by Google, the Pixel has received a great deal of good reviews since its launch last October. However some users have reported via the online Pixel User Community that their devices often froze at random times. Several said the issue appeared related to their uses of apps, such as Foursquare or Swarm, although uninstalling those apps didn't always resolve the problem.

Thankfully, a fix is rolling out this month that should finally address the freezing bug .The recent June security update to the Android mobile operating system includes a fix to a problem that has been causing the Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphones to randomly freeze, Google said yesterday.

Google's Community Manager posted the fix to the user community. "Freezing and general device performance issues can be caused by many different things, so please continue to update this post with your individual experiences after accepting the June security OTA," he said.

Since the June Android update became available, a number of Pixel users have said on the forum they have installed the patch and were hoping their phones would no longer freeze. Google has asked users to let the company know whether or not the update successfully resolved the issue. Android device owners should be sure to update to the latest version of the mobile OS to avoid potential security vulnerabilities, Google said.

Also there is good news. Google is preparing to release Android O to Android users, and, as per the custom, Google’s very own devices get the update before everyone else. Google Pixel will be the first to get the official Android O update in August.