Apple iOS 11 Public Beta 1 released, soon after the release of Developer Beta 2

Apple iOS 11 Public Beta 1 released, soon after the release of Developer Beta 2
The Siliconreview
28 June, 2017

The tech giant ‘Apple’ has recently released the first iOS 11 Public Beta version. The move came shortly after releasing its iOS 11 Developer Beta 2. The public beta of iOS 11 lets the non-developers to get their hands on the new OS version before it gets released to everyone around the world.

Users who have signed up for Apple's Beta testing programme will get the OS 11 beta report as an Over-The-Air update. Here's how one can apply for the beta updates.

Register yourself at

Enrol your device for the beta updates

Download public beta profile on your iPhone following the instructions

- Once you get the OTA update, go to the registered iPhone's Settings app and update the OS version.

- To check if you have received the update navigate through Settings > General > Software Update .

Well, it is significant mentioning that the iOS 11 Public Beta 1 will surely be having few glitches in the beginning as it is not the final version and is evidently meant for testing and feedback. Also it is desirable and advised also to craft a backup of user data on the cloud or any other platform just in case anything goes erroneous during the updating process.

The company has rolled out Apple iOS 11 Public Beta 1 along with the Developer Beta 2 version. The all new version arrived with few new features a number of which received a transient declaration at WWDC 2017, however the others were detailed and even demoed.