Cloud, a boon to education sectors and organizations

siliconreview Cloud, a boon to education sectors and organizations

Cloud’s omnipresence has changed the domains like education and training. Some years back, the cloud was a promise to reduce costs of IT and enhance flexibility and scaling by providing on demand computing, storage, and services to every organization.

Today, we are so dependent on cloud that we take it for granted; we expect every file, every service and digital asset to be available wherever we go.

Tussles addressed by cloud platform:

  • The problems encountered by schools and organizations are keeping up with the hardware, software, and IT staff costs and complexities. Cloud in contrast is offering low-cost, subscription- based model which supports more companies. It is chosen because it just requires a little more internet connection and browser.
  • Another interesting development is the advent of virtual classrooms in the cloud which helps teachers go paperless. It also helps tracking grades on desktop browser or smart phone.
  • Cloud platforms can be a boon to professional education. For instance, IT training is traditionally associated with large investments in hardware and complex setup costs. However specialized cloud platforms have provided a flexible, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy alternative.