Controversies can never stop Uber from going

Controversies can never stop Uber from going
The Siliconreview
10 June, 2017

Recently Uber was subject to more hype than any other tech companies. There were rumors about Uber’s request for a stay in its lawsuit with Google’s Waymo; the company fired more than 20 people as a result of its sexual harassment probe and so on. But all these controversies cannot stop Uber from going. The latest reports on Uber say that it plans to acquire some members as well as technology from Luxe, the on-demand car valet service. According to the Wall Street Journal, there were reports about them conducting interviews for engineers from Luxe, to get hold of the latest technologies.  A smarter way of approach!

Luxe, with a partnership with Tesla motors was focused on developing the mobile app for on-demand parking and car services mobile application. Using Luxe, customers can submit a request to have their car parked, fueled, washed, charged, serviced or driven home by the company's valets. But back in April, Luxe ended its door-to-door valet service, with CEO Curtis Lee saying that the company was changing directions. Reports say that Lee will not join Uber anytime soon and will keep working on their products, retaining their brand name. Luxe has been gaining profits for the last few years and it was more than $75 million, with its most recent round coming in at $50 million last April. So acquiring Luxe and its master technologies is expected to bring profit to Uber in all ways.