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Famed Image Messaging App “Snapchat” Toils to Get to Get Marketers Interested

siliconreview Famed Image Messaging App “Snapchat” Toils to Get to Get Marketers Interested

Snapchat, the popular image messaging app has been battling constantly, with its sworn enemy Facebook getting inspired (cough sound- “copying”) on daily basis to create identical features and launching it into its subsidiaries and now according to a recent study Snapchat’s global daily active users are down 6% year-over-year.

Some of that may be due to uneven international growth, with some markets seeing massive growth while others are actually deep in the red. Daily user numbers grew 95.7% in Vietnam from January to May, but declined 43% in Norway over the same time period. Other countries that saw double-digit declines included Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, and Spain, according to the study. Snapchat itself reported in May that its daily active users were up 36% year-over-year for the first quarter, but also admitted to a significant growth slow-down quarter-over-quarter. And recent reports suggested that app downloads have been on the decline.

The app is very famous but it has a fair share of skeptics and critics. And if its stock price is any indication - shares are now trading near their IPO price - it's not come close to quieting them. Snapchat may have one over youngsters and selfie enthusiastic with its fliters, voice change etc but one group it has yet to win over is the marketing industry. A mere 7% of marketers said they used Snapchat in the first quarter of 2017, according to a recent Social Media Examiner survey.

That leaves Snapchat far behind Facebook, which was used by 94% of marketers. But then again, everyone tends to trail Facebook.  So we hope, for its own sake Snapchat comes with mind-blowing strategy to turn the tables!!