Google Search & Maps got a new image emphasized more on Art &Culture

Google Search & Maps got a new image emphasized more on Art &Culture
The Siliconreview
22 June, 2017

Tech giant Google recently proclaimed few updates for its Search and Maps apps intended at elevating the cultural and art knowledge for users. As an important part of the update, the tech giant will be featuring new insights and more pertinent results for the art-related search queries, powered by the Google Arts & Culture platform. Additionally, in order to know the key insights about the artworks when the user will visit virtual tours of museums, Google has also added a Panoramic View feature. The update is accessible to download for Google (Search) App and Google Maps.

The recently made update to Google Search is a successful outcome of the teamwork of Google Arts & Culture team and Google Search engineers to 'improve systems considerate in gratitude of artworks' for over 500 million art-related searches made. Moreover, it also engross machine learning to be familiar with the places that one can see in person, the artists who made the artworks, the materials they used, and the art era they fit in to.

What it offers- If a user search query for an artist like M.F. Hussain, Google Search then will demonstrate an interactive knowledge card that will further let them to discover various options like the artist's works. Furthermore, one can also roll further to almost visit the museums to glimpse at the artist's paintings on the wall, a few of which are also obtainable in high resolution straight from Google Arts & Culture.

Talking about Google Maps, it will show virtual travel around of some of the famous museums like Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum in Mumbai or National Museum in New Delhi. Also, the user will be capable to look through dissimilar lobbies and rooms inside the virtual tour of the museums where one can evidently perceive the paintings and other pieces all along with suitable comments right next to them. As the user will click on the comments, a new page will come into view that will consist of more pertinent information.

The giant also said that it has made use of the visual gratitude software to index the museums from all over the world along with over 15,000 works by various artists.