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Intel shook hands with DARPA to craft HIVE Big Data platform a reality

siliconreview Intel shook hands with DARPA to craft HIVE Big Data platform a reality

American multinational giant Intel and the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently announced a new and innovative joint alliance to design to generate a novel, commanding data-handling and computing platform which will balance machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Recently, the tech giant and US agency said DARPA's program, dubbed the Hierarchical Identify Verify & Exploit (HIVE), has the latent to go beyond present hardware used to clutch Big Data by up to 1,000 times in performance-per-watt, and Intel's technological know-how has been chosen to push HIVE research and development further.

Intel's Data Center Group (DCG), Platform Engineering Group (PEG) and Intel Labs will effort on the hardware research for DARPA HIVE. The joint research program which is predicted to get 4 and half years is valued over $100 million.

Just in few years, over 90 percent of the data which is accessible today has been created. This idea of “Big Data” not only adds value to businesses to examine and sense patterns and modifies business models based on consumer behavior, but also to researchers who can very well utilize this data fortune trove for projects relating to everything from healthcare, security, or software development, among others.

The HIVE, particularly thrives to perk up the graph analytics related to Big Data by balancing the ML and AI in order to build and rapidly route not only "one to one" or "one to many" relationships, but also the added multifaceted trees of indirect relationships, such as the altering purchase patterns of Amazon users, or iTunes sales ranks.

"By mid-2021, the goal of HIVE is to provide a 16-node demonstration platform showcasing 1,000x performance-per-watt improvement over today's best-in-class hardware and software for graph analytics workloads," said Dhiraj Mallick, vice president of the Data Center Group and general manager of the Innovation Pathfinding and Architecture Group at Intel. "Intel's interest and focus in the area may lead to earlier commercial products featuring components of this pathfinding technology much sooner, “He added.