iPhones are superior than Android Mobiles? Let’s see how

siliconreview iPhones are superior than Android Mobiles? Let’s see how

An iPhone is always compared with Android, many think that an Android is functionally superior to iOS, but nothing would be further from the truth. As far as today’s scenario is concerned, iOS and Android have received more and more alike. Some of iOS's features, such as AirDrop, Touch ID, and Night Shift, are easily replaced by third party apps like Instashare, or supported by newer versions of Android. But there are still some things that make Apple's devices stand out. Here are just a few examples of things where iOS has the advantage over Android.

Get an OS update the same day as everybody else- No matter where you are, or what carrier you use, there’s a very good possibility that you’ll receive the newest iOS software update at the same time everybody else does. This is possible because of one company making the hardware and the software, unlike Android, which has many stakeholders in the update process. As a result, even the latest Android phones tend to take a long time to receive software updates, while iOS devices are kept up to date across multiple hardware generations.

Their 3D Touch crafts simple actions- Apart from some Android phones, like Huawei Mate S having a 3D touch like interface, the feature is still typically elite to iOS. The 3D Touch feature sense varying levels of pressure on a phone display. Although 3D Touch isn’t the most spontaneous experience, it can be helpful at times.

Control media playback from one place- On iOS, a Control Center is generally available set of toggles and shortcuts. It also includes universal media playback controls. Be it Apple Music, Spotify, Saavn, Gaana, no matter which app is playing media Control Center can be used for all media playback.

Each app has its own playback controls on an Android, which can make things confusing. Also, once the user stop the app, the media controls disappear, so if you want to resume listening to something, you'll have to launch the app again.

Treat VOIP calls as priority- Imagine you’re on a WhatsApp call on Android, and a regular call comes through, the WhatsApp call goes on hold, and phone may ring right next to your ear. That case, you either have to answer or end the incoming regular phone call, before continuing with the WhatsApp call, as it goes on hold. This is extremely annoying!

On the other hand, an iPhone running iOS 10, VOIP calls from popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc, are treated as regular phone calls. It yet show up alongside typical phone calls in the call logs. If a regular call comes in during a VOIP call on an iPhone, one can continue conversing.

The most excellent syncing experience - Owning Apple devices gives quite a lot of other exclusive advantages that you just can't get with any other ecosystem. One can also copy something on an iPhone, and paste it to Mac, or vice-versa. With AirDrop, one can also copy and paste files over Wi-Fi, quickly and easily. These conveniences are not rolled in today's Android phones.

iMessage- An iOS-exclusive messaging platform with a number of useful features, iMessage is user’s favorite because it consolidates SMSs and iMessage conversations in a single app. That’s not it; the app also flawlessly syncs messages across all Apple devices users own, so one can pick up a conversation that you left on an iPhone on your iPad or Mac later. Although modern instant messengers like Telegram can do this, the most popular one - WhatsApp - still doesn't let you easily switch between devices. Additionally, the app also gives you the option to annoy your friends on iMessage with stickers, fireworks, and other flashy effects.

More & safer apps, and family sharing- The past scenario propose that so many cool, unique apps arrive on iOS before they do on Android. Though, if we talk in particularly about India, the situation may be the other way around where companies prefer making Android apps first. This is because flexibilities within Android allow for apps like Walnut to work the way they do, and the utter number of Android users in the country is far higher. When looking at international developers though, iOS definitely has the upper hand.