Just ‘drop in’, says Amazon’s new Echo Show

siliconreview Just ‘drop in’, says Amazon’s new Echo Show

There is no doubt that Amazon Echo is attracting users from all around the world. The device connects to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa.  Recently it unveiled the Echo Show, the voice-controlled speaker that sports a touchscreen.  With the widely gained popularity for the product further advancements in the technology has been made. And this has made possible the new feature called ‘drop in’ which many of us will fear to use.  The Echo Show will help Amazon continue to dominate the voice-controlled speaker market and ‘drop in’ can add to that.  The new feature is called "drop in" and lets preapproved users suddenly appear on your Amazon Echo for two-way video chats. You don't answer the video call, your friends and family can just drop right into your home. The drop-in option is off by default, since you'll need to approve folks who can just pop into your house, but you should probably take a moment to consider it before activating. This can even allow your parents can pop up on the video camera and interact with their grandchildren. With this customers also have the option to turn on Do Not Disturb on one, or all, of their devices, which will block calls and messages from coming in. Customers will know when they are in a Drop In call as they will first hear a 'chime' and the green light on their Echo device will rotate throughout the call. Although it is quite good there are some privacy related issues which needs to be clarified.