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Pokémon Go Is Getting The Biggest Update Ever!!!

siliconreview Pokémon Go Is Getting The Biggest Update Ever!!!

Almost one year ago, people knew about Pokémon was that it was an animated series and Pikachu is the cutest Pokémon (Admit it!!), but today Pokémon is probably the most famous gaming app every created and it has taken the world by storm with its location-based augmented reality features and it has become a global phenomenon popularly called "Pokémania".

Now the waters have settled and people have moved on from catching Pokémon, and the craze has gone down a notch but there about 65M people, as of April of this year playing the game.

The game’s second summer is just around the corner — and with that in mind, this morning, Niantic has revealed what will be Pokémon GO’s largest feature update yet, an expansive rework of gyms, and a preview of how Legendary Pokémon will likely be introduced into the game. The announcement comes hours before gyms are being temporarily disabled then reactivated; though it’s unclear the precise moment this all goes live.

There are few primary changes like Pokémon GO’s gyms now have six unique slots and enemy trainers will battle the Pokémon there in the order in which they were assigned, only one of each Pokémon will be allowed at a time — no more gyms filled with ten Dragonites, or maxed-out Blissey armies. Pokémon will lose “motivation” over time, making them easier to defeat, as shown by a depleting heart. Players can feed their Pokémon to increase their motivation.

Niantic also tells me that they’re playing with the idea of “invitational” raids — a system that’ll reach out to specific “dedicated” trainers in a region and invite them to raids only they can participate in.