Tata set target to launch 50 mn IoT devices and capturing 10-15 percent market share by 2022

siliconreview Tata set target to launch 50 mn IoT devices and capturing 10-15 percent market share by 2022

Popular global telecommunications provider Tata Communications has targeted a launch of 50-million IoT (Internet of Things) devices by 2022. The proposed launch includes technologies like a tracker that will watch a fast-moving consumer goods firm if its coolers used by retailers to keep products at a convinced temperature are working, a safety device to alert a company when its women employees reach home using the company cars and many other such devices and technologies.

With a map to capture 10-15 percent of the market share that has about 150 million devices currently and is growing 28 percent annually, the company also plans to take out the devices in three main categories, which include asset management, energy management and customer feedback. Also, in order to make its brand in the market and take on rivalry Tata Communications is working hard under a four-pronged strategy.

In order to complete this, the business team at Tata has determined to set up an application software team in Chennai. However, the competition is hard enduring to the expanding businesses of other telecom providers.

Talking about India, the Vodafone’s variety of IoT solutions consist of Vodafone location tracker, automotive telematics, remote asset management, and managed IoT connectivity platform with others. Established as India’s largest telecom operator, Bharti Airtel, recently said that it is planning to go into the home automation or smart home segment with its IoT.

And to do so, the company is working together with diverse states to offer IoT network in cities together with Bengaluru, Mumbai, Jamshedpur and Delhi. For the smart cities, these IoT networks turn out to be an asset for observing the quality of water, sewage management etc.