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Who Doesn’t Dream of a Menace Free Contact Book in Mobile Phone? 3 Apps are here to fulfill that Dream

siliconreview Who Doesn’t Dream of a Menace Free Contact Book in Mobile Phone? 3 Apps are here to fulfill that Dream

The world has covered a long journey with the technology and today people have turned every single ‘complex to do’ job to ‘easy to do’ one. But somehow managing the never ending contact details in our mobile phones and organizing the whole information for the connections through Google, Facebook and other social networks is still a ‘don’t want to do’ job for all of us.
But the best part is that, the technology has solutions for this problem also. There are now three apps by which this nightmare can be turned into a sweet dream.

The first one is the Atmospheir. It is a new and free iOS application which is designed to store all of our contact details in one place and to continuously update them. It is simple to set up and use. By syncing with the iOS address book and Facebook, the app forms a contact database. We can see the contacts as ‘cards’ in the app and can swipe to navigate.

Atmospheir is a messaging app also. People can easily send as well as receive text messages, phone calls, photos and videos through the app. The good factor is after sending or receiving messages from an unknown number the app automatically updates the address book and people receive the detailed information about the contact person who do or do not use Atmospheir.

The second one is the FullContact. After Atmospheir, this app is also there as a robust contact management app for iPhone and iPad. This app’s service is available as a G-mail plug-in for the Chrome browser. People not only can add contacts from Google but also from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks. This application provides information about people who’ve emailed them in the past, and icons too to quickly create calendar invites or initiate Google Hangout chats. FullContact is free for up to 5,000 contacts, and a $10 monthly fee bumps up the limit to 25,000 contacts and adds other perks.

And then there is the third one which is Cloze. It is an Android and iOS app that allows people to get contacts from Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook.com, Yahoo and other various accounts. People can link the Evernote notes to their contacts by the premium Cloze Pro plan of the application. In this case the app accesses the call history and syncs that up with the contacts. A 14 days free trial is also offered by Cloze.