Detectamet’s retractable pen reduces the risk of food contamination

Detectamet’s retractable pen reduces the risk of food contamination
The Siliconreview
21 July, 2017

The number of recorded recalls of food products contaminated with pieces of plastic or rubber have more than doubled in North America and the EU in the past 12 months, according to a release by Detectamet, a company which works to develop new products that will prevent the escape of foreign objects into the food production line at a factory .

Its new Fine Tip Marker Pens halve the chances of food contamination. Sometimes food contaminants go undetected and end up in the final product that goes to customers. But, Detectamet’s retractable pens are made from detectable plastics that can be identified and rejected by standard metal detectors and X-ray inspection systems eliminating the risk of losing its cap in the food processing area. Based on the same world patented housing design of Detectamet’s broad tip Retractable Marker, the pen has a clam shell that opens to expose the fiber nib to write. With one click the tip is safely retracted and sealed to avoid drying out. It has been designed with a textured finish and is shaped with ridges to reduce the possibility of the pen slipping out of the hands.

This pen design helps to solve the HACCP management challenge of physical contamination in food and drink processing where plastics contamination can trigger expensive product recalls, the company said, adding that it is proven to be robust, non-toxic and detectable by metal detection and X-ray inspection systems. The ink can write on a wide range of materials including board, metal, plastic paper and glass.