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Instagram Stories to get photo and video replies

siliconreview Instagram Stories to get photo and video replies

Adding over 250 million daily active users, Instagram’s popular feature Instagram Stories is rising by leaps and bounds, beating its competitor Snapchat, which it copied the feature from. And currently with a new update, Instagram Stories is surely becoming more interactive. With this new feature, Instagram Stories now lets users reply to Stories with photos or videos. Furthermore, the user can also apply filters, stickers, and other camera tools to the photos and videos sent in the form of a reply to Stories. Discretely, Instagram has also recognized a bug was vigorously logging users out of their Instagram accounts, making it appear like an account deletion.

Coming to the all new addition by Instagram's which is  now available for Stories, in addition to sending text message replies to them, users can now prefer any friend's Stories to watch and send photos and videos. To reply with a photo or a video, one will just have to tap the new camera button while watching a friend's story. After taking photo or video, the user will then be able to use any creative tools inside the camera, including face filters, stickers, and Rewind. Also, while replying user will notice a sticker of the Story that can move around.

However, friend at the other end, who posted the Instagram Story, will then be getting  the photo or video reply in their direct messages where they can tap to see it and also see a thumbnail of the original Story, only visible to themThe photo and video reply feature is rolling out with v10.29 on Android and v10.28 on iOS.

Well, now coming to the strange thing that has left many Instagram users puzzled, that as per Instagram reported to The Verge that it is working to resolve it "as quickly as possible." From last 24 hours, numerous number of Instagram users said that they suddenly had been logged out of their accounts, also not able to sign back in. This recent thing made the users push in dilemma that their accounts have been deleted, while really they were not. The accounts exaggerated included some personal and business related ones. While trying to sign in, Instagram asked for a security code to recuperate the accounts, but users report that they never received any.