Let’s Have a Look at the Citrix ShareFile

Let’s Have a Look at the Citrix ShareFile
The Siliconreview
15 July, 2017

Citrix ShareFile is a cloud-based file sharing and synchronization service offered by Citrix. Created by Jesse Lipson, who built and launched ShareFile in November 2005 in Raleigh, North Carolina, ShareFile has added Outlook and Gmail integration, a native desktop app, and better security controls to what was already an excellent, business-class tool for sharing files last year.

Acquired by Citrix Systems In October 2011, ShareFile is a secure, cloud-based platform for businesses to store and share large files. It is available in 4 pricing tiers ranging from $12 to $59 per user per month. Storage and collaboration options are what differentiate each of the tiers, with the exception of ShareFile’s Virtual Data Room, which is the most expensive tier. Lower priced tiers are aimed at small business and individual users while Virtual Data Room offers the least storage space and lacks many of the lower priced tier’s collaboration features. The prices are high because ShareFile’s Virtual Data Room offers a highly secure environment for storing and controlling sensitive data while sharing it with others.

The latest version of ShareFile has updated workflow options allowing you to send documents out for signatures, feedback, and approvals. There’s integration with Microsoft Outlook, which lets you push document attachments directly from Outlook to ShareFile, sharing those documents securely with others. There are new desktop integrations, similar to those you’ll find in DropBox, which let you do drop a file into a folder on your Mac and have it synchronize with ShareFile so it’s available on all your devices and, if you choose, with others. ShareFile also offers reporting tools you can use to see whether or not a file has been downloaded and who it’s been accessed or downloaded by.