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ONGC to spend Rs 3104 Crore for drilling of wells and making of surface facilities in Tripura

siliconreview ONGC to spend Rs 3104 Crore for drilling of wells and making of surface facilities in Tripura

In row with Hydrocarbon Vision 2030 for North-East Region, ONGCBSE -0.34% management has accepted additional investment of Rs 3104 Crore for drilling of wells and creation of surface facilities to produce gas from Tripura gas fields. 

As per ONGC, the purpose of the system is to produce & supply total gas of 5.1 MMSCMD to a variety of consumers of state for one more 20 years through drilling of 153 new wells and creation of new / increase of surface infrastructural facilities, laying of 282 km pipe lines of gas grid network & 600 km of well flow lines. 

ONGC Tripura Asset has also equipped 5 years (target) master plan of Exploration & Production activities planned for both Western & Eastern part of Tripura. This map engrosses year wise drilling plan, recognition of requirement of rig resources, surface amenities revamping, work-over inputs, technology inputs etc. Action plan is in place. 

However, it is been ascertained that a total of 221 wells have been drilled by ONGC in the state till April 2017 and 116 wells are found to be gas behavior which corresponds to the success ratio of 2:1. Presently around 76 wells are obtainable for production with the gas production potential of around 4.3 -4.5 MMSCMD. 

ONGC‘s average sales in Tripura got increased from 1.7 MMSCMD (Million Metric Standard Cubic metre per day in 2012-13 to 3.92 MMSCMD In 2016-17, doubling-up the average gas sale rate and attaining Highest ever annual Gas production of 1427 MMSCM during 2016-17.