Sierra Wireless is elevating

Sierra Wireless is elevating
The Siliconreview
22 July, 2017

For Sierra wireless Inc it was a flat year in 2016 but 2017 is a successful year for it is performing amazingly well. Growing demand for Internet of Things has been a boon for the company; Sierra has posted strong growth in each of its segments.

The firm has shipped over 120 million machine-to-machine devices till date. Sierra launched Legato, the first open-source Linux platform for embedded machine-to-machine modules around the globe, in 2014. It also introduced mangOH, an open source design for Internet of Things device in 2015.

Even today, there is growing popularity for IoT devices and machine-to-machine communication continues to be one of the major trends in the market. One important thing to keep an eye on is Sierra’s gross margin, particularly in the favorable Enterprise Solutions segment. In the prior quarter, the company’s gross margin plunged to 48.3%. The company continues investing resources in upgrading its solutions, which could hurt its margins further in the year ahead.