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Walmart partners with Google to join ‘Google Express’

siliconreview Walmart partners with Google to join ‘Google Express’

Google and Walmart have joined forces to transform the scenario of delivery services as we know it. Walmart, the world’s largest retailer has joined Google’s marketplace “Google Express” to bring about a hyper-personalised, smart consumer supply chain with Google’s remarkable prowess in artificial intelligence, data analytics and natural language processing.

Walmart has been adopting various technologies to improve its digital brand portfolio by partnering with Uber and Lyft for speedy online grocery deliveries. Walmart’s mobile payment system “Walmart Pay“ allows its users to pay through their smartphones in all its US stores.

According to a Google announcement, “If you’re an existing Walmart customer, you can choose to link your Walmart account to Google and receive personalized shopping results based on your online and in-store Walmart purchases. For example, if you order Tide PODS or Gatorade, your Google Assistant will let you know which size and type you previously ordered from Walmart, making it easy for you to buy the right product again.

Free delivery on Google Express without membership for a wide range of products on Walmart through voice assistants is bound to attract thousands of customers which will eventually see a shift from shelf-centric demand to smart supply chains.

Google will also analyse customers’ past history to decipher the needs of shoppers to cater to their services in an effective manner. This has rumoured to be quite a challenge to Amazon’s voice-ordering system. However, Amazon has been offering its voice services since 2014 and has created a niche for itself in the market. The wave Google and Walmart create is yet to be seen!