Wipro open sources its Big Data solution BDRE

Wipro open sources its Big Data solution BDRE
The Siliconreview
14 August, 2017

Indian Information Technology Services Corporation Wipro recently made an announcement has open sourced its big data solution - Big Data Ready Enterprise (BDRE). It makes simpler big data technology adoption and optimizes big data workloads under an incorporated unified framework.

The product however very well tackle the total lifecycle of managing data crosswise enterprise data lakes, making it potential to ingest, organize, enrich, process, analyze, govern and extract data at a fast pace, considerably go faster the big data completion in a cost effectual manner.

BDRE is involved in production with numerous clients and has over 100 opportunities crossways many verticals. It is released under the Apache Public License v2.0 and hosted on GitHub.

"BDRE will not only make big data technology adoption simpler and effective, it will also open opportunities across industry verticals that organizations can successfully leverage. Being at the forefront of innovation in big data, we are able to guide organizations that seek to benefit from the strategic, financial, organizational and technological benefits of adopting open source technologies," said Bhanumurthy B. M., president & chief operating officer, WiproLimited.

Let go BDRE to the community will allow product increase in conditions of new features and potential and also aid frequent organizations with Big Data implementations.