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FIFA 18 – Second version on Frostbite

siliconreview FIFA 18 – Second version on Frostbite

EA Games has changed its game engine last year from ‘Ignite’ to ‘Frostbite’. Frostbite, developed by EA Dice, is one of the most powerful game engines. Games like Battlefield, Bad Company, were developed using Frostbite.

Frostbite was an ambitious game engine that enabled large scale multiplayer interaction in dynamic destructible environments. Today Frostbite is the core piece of EA’s one-team strategy. The game engine was introduced to FIFA 17 last year and it very worked well.

“This year’s FIFA 18 will take more risk and push the limits of what the engine can achieve. Last year we got FIFA on Frostbite for the first time. This year you will see the second version on Frostbite, it looks better, plays better and is more of a complete transformation,” said EA Executive, Patrick Soderlund.

The all new FIFA 18 will have new features in the career mode. Frostbite game technology dunks fans in their career mode by including interactive transfer negotiation, custom training presets, quick subs, team styles and dynamic cinematic clips in the menu, making the career mode experience more realistic.

Those who want to get their hands on the new FIFA 18 will have to wait for few more days. Just two weeks before the launch of the game, the Demo version is set to land on September 15.

The Demo will be available on the Origin, PS Store and Xbox Live. It will be featured and easy to find. The game is already on the Xbox store but cannot be downloaded yet. The size of the demo will be approximately 7.3 GB and might take 2-3 hours download time depending upon the internet connection.