Product development partnership: Zymbit and Oaken Innovations join hands to deliver Solutions for IoT devices

Product development partnership: Zymbit and Oaken Innovations join hands to deliver Solutions for IoT devices
The Siliconreview
30 May, 2018

Two technology firms, Zymbit and Oaken Innovations have announced a partnership to develop seamless and secure solutions for IoT devices earlier this week. The development will involve the use of blockchain software which is compatible with all Ethereum Virtual Machine based Blockchain.

“Ethereum is the clear leader in blockchain technology and Oaken is one of the most innovative companies at the intersection of Ethereum and IoT, with several awards and partnerships to their credit,” said Phil Strong, CEO of Zymbit Inc. “The company is delighted to be work closely with the Oaken team to bring to market a much-needed hardware security module that delivers cyber-physical security to EVM blockchain enabled IoT devices.”

For ensuring a broad compatibility with the EVM, Oaken will guide the creative development of Zombie Security component Six to present detailed applications in the attached automotive and user IoT spaces. The new generation six security modules by Zymbit’s will support Ethereum wallets to established a secured enclave.

“We’re excited to partner with Zymbit to develop an Ethereum ready security module that will enhance our offerings in the automotive and consumer IoT space,” said John Gerryts, CEO of Oaken Innovations, Inc. “We’ve been big fans of Zombie's products for a while and love working with their team,” he added.

New Product Development Process

The product development partnership of Zymbit and Oaken is an example of genuine collaborative efforts to attain greater success using innovative technologies. With creative product development solutions, both companies achieve a win-win situation.

It’s crucial to have the right IoT setup to implement a new and effective product development process. While this process can be a stressful undertaking, implementing the right setup can make things a lot more straightforward. Gathering data on the materials to be used and predictive modeling infrastructure will offset the prototyping cost over time to generate massive returns.

Another innovative solution that businesses can adopt is viscoelastic material modeling for product development. Viscoelastic material modeling makes use of various technologies such as computer aided design (CAD) and prototyping. With viscoelastic material modeling, you’ll save money, effort, and time in new product development. In this way, you can materialize product ideas with automated design and engineering using optimized solutions.


The partnership of Zymbit and Oaken is powerful, driving greater success for both companies. Product development is getting smarter with more innovative solutions, such as blockchain technology, security modules, and viscoelastic material modeling. More technologies are being studied, promising greater convenience, excellent output, and the highest profits.