Digital Marketing Landscape is now transformed by A.I

Digital Marketing Landscape is now transformed by A.I
The Siliconreview
03 August, 2018

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise now and it is currently helping the digital marketing landscape in many ways. Digital marketing is made smoother by leveraging better email marketing strategies through Artificial Intelligence. Furthermore, the conversion rates of the web are also taken care of by constant analysis, learning and improving. Although some may feel it is yet to make any sort of changes, while few others feel it is sparking a revolution.

We all are aware of the Giants’ implementation of artificial intelligence. Take Amazon as an example, its product the Alexa is really scaling the market and is consumers all over the world are buying these products. It is certainly not a new thing in the market, but the purpose it serves is the best thing about Alexa. Another great example of Artificial Intelligence is Siri by Apple, similar products were available in the past but it is the way it was marketed and shown how to use that made it unique. Hence, this shows that it really doesn’t matter if the tech already existed. What matters is showing the consumer how to use it.

Presently artificial intelligence is posing a threat to human writers in the Digital Marketing platform because of products like Articoolo and Quill. These techs are designed for the internet and used to create the best website oriented content that will not create any sort of plagiarism or privacy issues. As of now, the digital marketing is really on the rise through A.I, let’s see what happens in the future.