Bosch Introduces a new ebike Computer

Bosch Introduces a new ebike Computer
The Siliconreview
30 August, 2018

Bosch is all set to roll out a new onboard computer for ebikes in 2019.  All the ebike models from 2019 will be equipped with the new technology, and it includes everything from heart rate monitor to a full-color display that sports Gorilla Glass. It is specially designed for the more ambitious riders. Check ebike dealers in US.

Dubbed as Kiox, Bosch’s ebike computer will be displayed for the first time in Sep. this year at an Interbike expo in Reno, USA. The computer has an attractive and robust color display. Controlled by a separate unit in the handlebar, it can provide the rider with everything from personal performance to the bicycle’s speed, cadence, and battery life.

Kiox is also equipped with a heart rate monitor and will notify the riders if he/ she crosses the speed or goes below the average speed, which will push them to take their performance to the next level if required.

With a 1.9”high-resolution display, riders can use it in the dark or in the direct sunlight. To protect against any scratch and damage the display is shielded by Gorilla glass. Riders can use the ebike computer in the off-board mode for 20 minutes which will display a summary of the day’s activities. The Bluetooth will allow the riders to download Kiox software updates without any onboard connection.

According to Bosch, Kiox is one of the company’s best products. The device is very sophisticated with a lot of features packed into such a compact unit. With the potential to integrate the rider’s heart rate via wearable sensors, Kiox also marks the company’s first step towards connecting ebikes to the digital world in North America.