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Yes! Kane Was Just 15-Year-Old When He Social Engineered CIA and Gained Access to Extremely Sensitive Data

siliconreview Yes! Kane Was Just 15-Year-Old When He Social Engineered CIA and Gained Access to Extremely Sensitive Data

“Crackas with Attitude”, sounds familiar?

Believe it or not - Kane Gamble, the chief of the ill-famous hacking squad “Crackas with Attitude” was just 15-years-old when he social engineered the CIA. Kane mimicked as the CIA director, John Brennan and tricked the call center and helpline staff to gain access to extremely sensitive accounts.

Well known for social engineering attacks, the hacking group Crackas with attitude has got a huge history of ill-deeds of convincing people and subjects them to harassment and abuse. Also, they are the same group of notorious pro-Palestinian hackers behind some of the most embarrassing hacks of 2015 against the U.S intelligence officials and also behind the leak of the personal credentials of about 20,000 FBI agents, 9,000 Department of Homeland Security officers, and some Department of Justice staffers.

CIA director John Brennan, National Intelligence Director James Clapper, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, deputy director of FBI Mark Giuliano and few other main FBI personnel were the major target of the teenage hacker.

Now 18-year-old, Kane Gamble also pwned John Brennan’s email accounts to pull pranks with his family. He made hoax calls to Mr. Brennan’s wife and took control of her iPad. Also, Kane bombarded their cell phones with countless calls and messages, downloaded & installed pornography on all the computers and gained all access to their iPads and Televisions.

Kane Gamble was captured by FBI in February 2016 at his home in Coalville, and in October 2017, out of 10 counts, Gamble was charged with 8 cases of performing a function with intent to secure unauthorized access. In September 2016, two other hacking partners of the young hacker, Andrew Otto Boggs and Justin Gray Liverman were also arrested by FBI and had just been condemned to five years of imprisonment.