Cisco maintains the lead in the enterprise IT infrastructure market over its rival vendors

Cisco maintains the lead in the enterprise IT infrastructure market over its rival vendors
The Siliconreview
15 January, 2018

According to the new figures from the IT industry authority, Synergy Research around the state of the enterprise IT infrastructure market demonstrate that hosted and cloud collaboration revenues for the last four quarters increased by nearly 3 percent. As the enterprise IT infrastructure spending increases, Cisco leads with a good aggregate over its rivals, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell EMC and Microsoft.

The overall market including data centre servers, switchers and routers, on-premise collaboration, network security and WLAN has Cisco at its front with a market cap value of $194 billion. Excluding data centre servers and cloud collaboration, where it is second behind Microsoft, Cisco is the market leader in four of the six segments. HPE, the second ranked enterprise vendor, has a market share of 11 percent across the six segments.

Hosted and cloud collaboration is the area that remains the fastest growing segment of enterprise IT infrastructure, where Microsoft is the leader. Other cited vendors include Dell EMC, with second position in data centres servers, Huawei for switches and routers, and Check Point for network security.

Despite a burgeoning public cloud market, enterprise IT infrastructure spending was still on the rise in 2017 and will be for the next five years”, said Jeremy Duke, Synergy founder and chief analyst in a statement. “The focus of that spending is changing, however, with a growing emphasis on hosted solutions, subscription-based business models and emerging technologies. Those changes will continue to present challenges for incumbent vendors and opportunities for new market entrants.