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Google Is Blocking YouTube on Amazon’s Fire TV and Echo Show

siliconreview Google Is Blocking YouTube on Amazon’s Fire TV and Echo Show

The New Year doesn’t seem to be much pleasing for Amazon and Google as the conflict between the two giants is intensifying day by day. Google once again has stopped YouTube access on Amazon’s Echo Show device and is notifying all the users of Amazon’s Fire TV that they will not be able to access YouTube anymore starting Jan 1. As a revenge fist, Amazon has delisted Google products from its store, offering its own and cheap imports as alternatives.

This ongoing falling-out between the two giant tech babies is said to revolve around Amazon's refusal to stock Google's video streaming products.

In a surprisingly frank statement, a Google spokesperson blamed Amazon refusal to have a business deal with Google for the step:

“We’ve been trying to reach an agreement with Amazon to give customers the access to each other’s products and services. But Amazon is not carrying products from Google like Chromecast and Google Home. Also, it is not making Prime Video available for Google Cast users, and last month, it stopped selling some of Nest’s latest products. Given this lack of reciprocity, Google will no longer be supporting YouTube on Amazon’s Echo Show and FireTV. We hope we can reach an agreement to resolve these issues as soon as possible.”

After the statement from the Google spokesperson, Amazon fired back on Tuesday afternoon with its statement: 

“Fire TV displays a grade web view of YouTube and redirects its customers directly to YouTube’s official website. By particularly blocking customer access to an open website, Google is setting a disappointment. We hope to resolve this with Google soon.” 

The take-down of YouTube from Amazon’s Fire TV shows that this isn’t just about technical differences. Both the Giants have had their differences. And Google is winning over Amazon as the sales of the Echo declined notably after Google first blocked access to YouTube back in September.