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High Time to Stop Using Snapchat and Shift to Instagram

siliconreview High Time to Stop Using Snapchat and Shift to Instagram

The year 2018 is going to be one of the competitive years it seems and the fights have already started. Near the end of 2017, the photo-sharing app, Snapchat was acting all weird - its iPhone app kept logging out accounts. Not once, not twice but every time, and eventually people cared less about the bug and were getting over Snapchat. Taking advantage of the scenario, Instagram is conquering the market. Even though Instagram has copied the Stories feature but it is just as good as Snapchat.

Recently, Daily Beast has posted a story exposing what’s actually going on inside Snapchat’s offices. According to Daily Beast, its new story is based on leaked internal data, revealing that most of Snapchat’s big features don’t get very much use. Exciting additions like, Snap Maps and Discover aren’t growing at all. Snapchat’s corporate culture seems to be turning bleak too. Daily Beast spoke to few of the employees of Snapchat and they compared the company to a sinking ship.

Even if we keep the company’s internal leaks aside, there are many reasons to ditch Snapchat as it has lost its entire vogue.

When Facebook-owned, Instagram first stole Snapchat’s story sharing idea, it didn’t surprise anyone as the social media giant has a huge history of copying its rivals, and most of the time Facebook has won the game. And this time Instagram’s stories feature is winning and it’s better than Snapchat for a couple of reasons.

One of the biggest pros is that most of the users have more friends and followers on Facebook than on Snapchat which means more people are seeing the Stories. So it feels a lot less like just sending photos and videos out into a void, which is exactly what feels like using Snapchat. On top of that, Instagram’s simplicity is another reason and that’s definitely can’t be said for Snapchat.

“We are working on a big redesign to make the app easier to use,” said Snapchat. And people still don’t know when that will actually happen.