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Thornhill Man Who Sold 3 Billion Stolen Credentials Is Facing Criminal Charges

siliconreview Thornhill Man Who Sold 3 Billion Stolen Credentials Is Facing Criminal Charges

Thornhill, Ontario based Jordan Evan Bloom who is the founder of Leakedsource.com has been charged with selling 3 billion stolen personal identities through his website Leakedsource.com. Canadian authorities have arrested Jordan and presented him in a Toronto courtroom last week.

Before getting busted by police, 27-years-old, Jordan Evan Bloom gave all the visitors of LeakedSource.com the access to 3 billion stolen credentials that were collected from data breaches around the world. According to reports, most of the data leaks were from platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Weebly, Foursquare, Tumblr, Rambler.ru, and MySpace and form 18+ sites like AdultFriendFinder.

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physics and astronomy from York University in 2013, Jordan Evan Bloom is the first person to be publicly named in association with Leakedsource.com. The other operators of the site carefully kept themselves anonymous while they sold the stolen credentials.

Just after seizing Jordan, its website LeakedSource was shut down. Also, all the social media accounts associated with LeakedSource have been suspended after the law enforcement raided its operator. However, there is another site with the same domain name as LeakedSource hosted by servers in Russia is still live on the internet.

According to Police, Jordan made nearly $247,000 by selling stolen personal identity records and passwords for a fee via his site. In addition to identity theft trafficking and data mischief, the notorious founder, Jordan is also charged with unauthorized use of computers and possession of property obtained by crime.

According to the Reuters, Jordan is currently in custody and could face a maximum sentence 10 years in prison.