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The Game Changing Concept Device of This Year: Vivo APEX

siliconreview The Game Changing Concept Device of This Year: Vivo APEX

In January, Chinese tech company, Vivo revealed the world’s first impressive phone with an in-display fingerprint scanner. But, Vivo’s ambitions didn’t stop there and recently in MWC, Vivo unveiled its brand new concept device, APEX that has a Half-Screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanner design to a whole new level. This new scanner allows users to unlock the phone by placing a finger the in a much larger area of the display.

The device is almost completely bezel-less and offers several new technologies that improve everything from the fingerprint scanner to sound quality and selfie.

Let’s have a closer look at the best features of this unique game changing concept phone:

A Nearly Bezel-Free Display

The new Vivo APEX concept has bezels on the top and sides of the display that is just 1.8mm, which is thinnest ever for such a phone. The bottom bezel is very thin at just 4.3mm. If the company further develops this concept and pulls the bottom bezel down to just 1.8mm it would have a 98 percent screen-to-body ratio, which is beyond amazing. The secret to this screen design is Vivo’s flexible OLED platform, which enables microchips to be mounted directly to the flexible circuit board.

Half-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

When it comes to the display, it is certainly the APEX’s killer feature. But don’t forget about the fingerprint scanner that’s under the display. This all-new concept device uses a top-notch in-display fingerprint scanning technology on the bottom half of the display that recognizes fingerprints anywhere the user touches. Thanks to the support for a new dual-fingerprint scanning setup, it takes two fingers to unlock the phone. And this makes the device potentially more secure.

Display Turning Into a Speaker

Vivo has also created Screen SoundCasting Technology for the APEX which basically turns the entire display into a speaker, sending vibrations through the screen, and ditching the normal, and usually sub-par, phone speakers. This new technology also uses less power than the traditional audio methods, which is always welcome.

Take Amazing Selfies with the New Front Camera

Even selfie cameras are getting a makeover with the new APEX concept. The phone includes an 8MP front camera that elevates out of the phone’s body when it is in use and goes back down when it is not. It takes just 0.8 seconds for the Elevating Front Camera to rise out.

The design of the all-new Vivo APEX puts the phone’s proximity sensor below the display and also hides the ambient light sensor. All of these design decisions will give users an excellent selfie camera experience while cutting down even more on the phone’s screen-to-body ratio.