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Bearded Dark-Web Drug Dealer Gets 20 Years of Imprisonment

siliconreview Bearded Dark-Web Drug Dealer Gets 20 Years of Imprisonment

Arrested last year in the summer, Gal Vallerius aka Oxymonster, one of the kingpins of dark-web drug dealing, has now been sentenced to 20 years in US prison. Vallerius is from Brittany, France and has got French, Israeli and British citizenship. He was arrested by the Authorities when he arrived in the United States with his long, reddish-brown whiskers to compete in a Beard and Mustache competition.

The bearded drug dealer was sentenced on Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Robert N. Scola. His charges were the distribution of drugs and money laundering on the dark web’s Dream Market. When Scola asked Vallerius if he has anything to say, he said nothing.

The wife of Gal Vallerius, Yasmin Vallerius, who lives in France, wrote a letter to Judge Scola seeking mercy for her husband. The letter read:

“His arrest has broken him mentally. He has lost everything. I know he’s regretting everything, and I know he’ll never make the same mistake!”

Vallerius was just a regular vendor of OxyCodone and Ritalin in Dream Market when he started with drug dealing. Later, he was promoted as a senior moderator and website administrator by the founders of dark web drug marketplace.

According to the US Authorities, they have found the login credentials of Vallerius that he used for Dream Market. They have also exposed almost $500,000 worth of bitcoins and a Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption key entitled OxyMonster.

Gal Vallerius is one of the two Dark-Web drug dealers to face a prison sentence in the U.S. this month after Gary Davis aka Libertas.