Leak Detection Technology: INFICON Debuts in North America

Leak Detection Technology: INFICON Debuts in North America
The Siliconreview
25 October, 2018

Chicago’s Park Expo International had some amazing news and one among them was the Contura S400. Its recent debut in the industry has created quite a buzz. It is based on leak detection technology that the Swiss-based company called INFICON has developed. In the past, it has been supporting various customers in verticals like food, automotive, beverages and appliance applications. Now it is specializing in leak detection technology since it has been working on it since hundred years.

The new innovation device called Contura S400 will be detecting both fine leaks and gross leaks. It is said to be reliable and also detects very quickly. At the present time, many have been adopting this innovation. Many large and small firms have given a positive review.

 Package leaks can now have a profound impact. Product quality will be compromised and shelf life will be shortened. Basically, food and edible products safety is the main concern of the company. The company has worked really hard in developing this tech. It is said to be very much cost-effective as well. Highly adaptable and independent in its own way so many customers will find this new innovation suited to them. The intentions are clear and with that let’s see how it helps many in the current market.