Amazon’s Subsidiary AWS will launch a Cloud Region in Milan

Amazon’s Subsidiary AWS will launch a Cloud Region in Milan
The Siliconreview
14 November, 2018

A major boost for Amazon’s Italian Customers as AWS, Amazon Web Services plans to launch a cloud region in one of the world’s fashion capital Milan. The move by AWS will pave the way for them to serve its Italian customers seamlessly.

Within two years, the cloud region will be ready. Milan will be the sixth region in the European subcontinent which is due to come online by December this year. Previously, AWS has worked in Germany, France, the UK, Ireland, and Sweden.

As per the plan, there will be three different availability zones (geographically separate) within the cloud provider’s region. There will be one or several data centers which will be situated in the administrative region of Lombardy.

Apart from the cloud data center launch in Italy, AWS is also planning to launch more centers in South Africa’s Cape Town by 2020. The center will be the company’s first facilities in the African region. AWS is also considering Saudi Arabia for expanding more data centers.

Overall, AWS has 19 regions and 57 availability zones under its belt. The company intends to launch another 5 regions by 2020 including Hong Kong, Bahrain, South Africa, Italy,and Sweden- where it is also contributing to the elongation of a ski slope.

According to Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS, the company’s decision to build a data center in Italy is due to the increasing demand by the local people for cloud services.