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Healthy Eating: Cloud Canteen Startup Feedr collects £ 1.5million to Provide Good food for Office Employees

siliconreview Healthy Eating: Cloud Canteen Startup Feedr collects £ 1.5million to Provide Good food for Office Employees

There is nothing greater than tasty and healthy food. A start-up which delivers healthy and personalised food to office employees around the UK has been funded by capital firms in a move to provide tastier and healthier lunch for the office employees.

The name of the company is Feedr and ithas picked up just over £1.5 million in pre-Series A funding.

In the funding round, venture capital like Episode 1, an early-stage venture firm, Hoberman’s Founders Factory, and Angel investors. Few investors like Richard Glynn (former Ladbrokes CEO and Founder of Alinsky Partners, Errol Damelin (Wonga founder and renowned fintech investor), and David Pritchard (founder of OpenTable Europe) also participated in the funding round.

Feedr- the intelligent lunch or cloud canteen!

Founded in 2016 by Riya Grover and Lyz Swnaton, the startup essentially operates a two-sided marketplace that connects healthy food suppliers with office workers at companies, in addition to arranging delivery.

The company has served employees of companies like DHL, PwC, ETsy, and AirBnB and other 400 companies till date.

Feedr’s food suppliers include companies like Fitz, Mapple, Potage, we Grill, Farmstand, and deliciously Ella. Various sub-contracted platforms are also tied up with Feedr to carry out the food delivery process.

Under Feedr technology!

The technology behind Feedr’s success operates logistics planning, in terms of predicting and helping to manage demand for each meal on offer from specific suppliers. The company focuses on personalized recommendations based on the preferences of individual customers and their order history.