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Know the legality of posting voties in each state with this map

siliconreview Know the legality of posting voties in each state with this map

The 2018 midterm elections are around the corner and it promises to attract millions of voters to determine the future of major policy decisions in the United States. Large throngs of voters are expected to turn out in several key states. One largely expected phenomenon to occur is a large number of voties posted all over social media. Millions of people all over the United States post their voties, effectively announcing who they have voted for. For those that are unaware, a votie is just a selfie that is taken in the polling booth right after the person has cast his or her vote. The trend of taking voties has been around for quite a while, even though some question the practice and some others are downright critical of it.

According to the naysayers, posting voties is a violation of the essence of the very process of voting, and thereby, the fundamentals of democratic processes. The bone of contention is the fact that such pictures, when posted on social media reveal the particular voter’s choice, and so, it could make it easier analysts to assess voting patterns. Another aspect of voter privacy is the fact that once a voter’s choice is revealed, that voter may the coerced to vote against their will, either by their employer, family member and so on.

Privacy is important for voters, especially in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and debates over polarizing issues such as gun control and healthcare.

Voters can know whether a votie is legal in a state or not with this map above.