AT&T to offer 5G services in the USA

AT&T to offer 5G services in the USA
The Siliconreview
20 Decemebr, 2018

AT&T had plans to roll out 5G wireless networks by this year, but on Tuesday, the company announced to launch the next-gen services in 12 cities starting Friday. But, the services will be available to some sections of the people.

Ultimately, the speed of 5G will be very fast as compared to 4G, i.e. 200 times faster. Currently, the company’s new network, 5G+ and 5G home wireless networkwere introduced by Verizon in October in five cities. But, the services will only be available in a few selected regions.

As per AT&T, the 5G services will be first offered in Atlanta, North Carolina, Charlotte, Houston, Dallas, Indianapolis, Florida, Jacksonville, Louisville, New Orleans, Kentucky, Texas, Waco and Oklahoma City. Currently, Verizon is offering its services (5G Home) in parts of California, Los Angeles, Indianapolis,and Sacramento.

None of the companies would provide any details about service locations in the above regions. People who are in the coverage area of 5G+, it could be a while before them actually able to use it. Till now, in the US, none of the smartphones can connect to a 5G network, therefore, to use 5G+, people will need a Wi-Fi hotspot like the Netgear Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot.

The gadget will serve as a mobile Wi-Fi router that could connect smartphones or laptops. According to AT&T, the devices are limited to certain customers unit it is available to everybody until spring.