Google is shutting down its latest messaging app, Allo

siliconreview Google is shutting down its latest messaging app, Allo

It is official now! Google has announced that it is shutting down Allo;it’s yet another not very successful messaging app experiment. The news is not very surprising as the company had already discontinued investing in the app this year. Now, it is going to finally close down by March 2019. By that time, users can export their chat history.

Launched in September 2016, it couldn’t attract users as it had many flaws including limited usage. “We’ve learned a lot from Allo, particularly what’s possible when you incorporate machine learning features, like the Google Assistant, into messaging, ”Google’s spokesperson said in a blog post.

As per the company’s explanation, it is going ahead with RCS (Rich Communication Services). RCS is an improved SMS standard that could allow iMessage like communication between Android devices.

The product didn’t receive the level of traction the company had anticipated and it doesn’t make sense to continue working on the app. As not many people downloaded Allo, it is the right decision to shut down Allo as informed by Anil Sabharwal, the head of the communications group at Google.

Meanwhile, Verizon is set to launch RCS chat; this new form of messaging will support high-resolution media, stickers, read receipts etc. Also, Google’s other similar apps like Google Duo, a video chat service is here to stay. Google will continue to develop Hangouts into a messaging service focused on enterprise needs.