Here is Nvidia’s First Ever Interactive AI Rendered Virtual World

Here is Nvidia’s First Ever Interactive AI Rendered Virtual World
The Siliconreview
05 Decemebr, 2018

American Tech Company, Nvidia’s new innovation may change the world of developers and artists. The company has developed a new model with the help of deep learning and ultimately it led to the creation of the first ever interactive artificial intelligence-rendered virtual world.

The researchers used a conditional generative neural network to build the AI- rendered virtual world, and then they trained a neural network to render new 3D environments. 

The latest development will pave a way for the artists and developers of all kinds to make new interactive 3D virtual worlds. The creation would be based on videos from the real world. It will cut down the cost and time which takes to create virtual worlds.

As stated by Bryan Catanzaro, VP of Applied Deep Learning at NVIDIA, from the past 25 years, the company has been developing new methods to generate interactive graphics. And this is the first time when the company is doing something new with a neural network. The new creation which involves generative models is going to change the way graphics are created.

Creating a virtual world can be costly, whether creating it for, telepresence,game development or other applications. The new method will help the developers and the artists create a pocket-friendly AI-based environment which can interpret the real world.

“The capability to model and recreate the dynamics of our visual world is essential to building intelligent agents,” quoted by the researchers.