Salesforce enjoys rapid growth in 2018

Salesforce enjoys rapid growth in 2018
The Siliconreview
26 Decemebr, 2018

Salesforce has been on a roll with a steadily expanding range of products and significant acquisitions. Furthermore, the cloud computing giant also unveiled its glittering new headquarters in San Francisco, dubbed the Salesforce Tower. Marc Benioff, the flamboyant and outspoken founder and co-CEO of Salesforce has been enjoying significant media limelight for all the right reasons.  The company had set a lofty goal of achieving the coveted milestone of $10 billion in revenues, but it is well on its way to the $20 billion mark. Benioff and the other co-CEO Keith Block have even announced goals of generating revenues of $60 billion by 2034.

A large public corporation like Salesforce is always in the crosshairs of investors and shareholders and must be able to keep the cash flowing in. The San Francisco has impressed everyone in Silicon Valley as well as Wall Street with a growth of 24% every quarter and yearly revenue of over $12 billion this year. With big money comes big purchasing power, and Salesforce understands this as well as any other when it spent an astounding $6.5 billion to purchase Mulesoft, its biggest acquisition yet. This acquisition will allow Salesforce to bridge the gap between data sitting on premises and the cloud.

But what’s great about Salesforce is the 1-1-1 policy of philanthropy pioneered by its founder, wherein the company donates 1 % each of its profits, products and employee time to charitable causes.